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Here we are trying to share different Breeds locally all are known as the  Bully Kutta  , Please keep in Mind that there are different types of Bully Kutta that breed true to their own type "IF" bred consistently to their own type.

The Ancient type is on the brink of Extinction and since we believe he is the foundation block of all the Bully Kutta types, hence some times you can get an Ancient  Bully Kutta pup (back through) that did not involve the Ancient type male or female in the breeding Program. A perfect Example of an Ancient Type to me is BABA we Tried to Breed him for almost 3 years and even tried the Artificial Insemination technique , Unfortunately Luck was not on our side and it was bound not to happen , How ever we continued to keep BABA with us till he passed away peacefully...

It was sad and a great set back however we had to keep moving this is when i found Chaandi and I bought him instantly he is not entirely what i call an Ancient type, However he does have many characteristics that make him a candidate to be used in the breeding program, after consulting my great Friend HAMMAD HASSAN who has vast knowledge about the Pakistani Bully Kutta we decided to breed Chaandi to 4 females.  Because we knew Chaandi is not a very young dog so the idea was to generate and regenerate his genes as much as possible. So far 2 females have thrown 14 pups each and 1 female did not conceive and one is yet to be confirmed. We hope by trial and error we will one day get the ancient type back in Pakistan....